Regardless if it's a stand alone or fitted furniture, delivery and fitting can be arranged for a time that suits you.  Wether residential or commercial, near or far, the aim is to fit as efficiently as possible while retaining the high standard and attention to detail synomymous with Sandwood Designs. I'll leave a job only when it's as clean and tidy as I found it, as a principle.


Once the project is complete, an invoice will be given for any remaining funds.



For a piece of solid wooden furniture to last for generations, it needs to be maintained. For wooden worktops I suggest re-oiling every 6 months so that less work is required to bring it back to a fine finish. This can be done by yourself with a soft sanding sponge and oil, available on request. (A maintenance kit will be available from my shop soon.)


When regularly cleaning wooden surfaces, use only a damp cloth. Avoid surface cleaners and harsh chemicals, as these can bleach the surface and deteriate the finish. 


When heavier maintenance is required, I'll arrange a visit  For worktops this usually means sanding back to the bare wood to remove ring marks and scratches and ensure an even finish. This can require return visits to built the coats of finish back to normal. This is why regular maintenance is worth it.



Accidents sometimes happen and things get broken and bashed. The majority of cases are chairs with broken or shoogly legs. (Again, prevention is better than cure, so don't wait for it to break!) Being able to repair one broken chair saves buying a whole new set.


There are various techniques and options when repairing. I can sand, strip, clean, wax, french polish, glue, patch, fill, oil, stain, varnish, paint, lacquer - whatever is required to do the job and do it right. 


Problem solving is my forte, so don't be affraid to get in touch and I'll have a look at what needs done.

Completion and Preservation